The Psychology of Survival – Prepping It Is Not Enough

The Psychology of Survival - Prepping It Is Not Enough

We are all getting ready because we wish to offer ourselves the best possible chance when it involves surviving any kind of disaster, but that doesn’t mean that in the weeks following a SHTF scenario there won’t be folks around making us ask ourselves “How did they survive this long!?”

Although the luck of the draw will play an enormous factor when it involves who lives and who dies, we’d like to know the psychology of survival, because generally prepping just isn’t enough. we will create our own luck and as Louis Pasteur once aforesaid, “Chance favors the prepared mind.”

Let’s imagine that regarding four weeks ago there was an EMP that took out half the country, everything is in complete chaos, robbery and disorder are happening for a while, and therefore the stores have been empty going on a month. The only reason you’re still around is because you haven’t had to go away your home for any reason other than a couple life of death things, and people were well planned out.

Take homeless folks as an example, these folks are is survival mode each day. Not everybody who is homeless is homeless for a similar reasons though.

Some have drug or alcohol problems that forced then into this life-style, some have mental problems and can’t operate in normal society, and a few have created dangerous decisions that result in them with nothing accept the cloths on their backs. Even worse are the military veterans that have mental or physical problems as a results of their service to the current country and have been left high and dry.

These folks won’t have the survival skills we are all attempting to find out, but they do have the power to adapt to their environment. They understand where the food is, they understand the simplest ways to speak folks into giving them cash, and they understand improvised shelter using only what they can realize.

The reason for this is their mental attitude and personality. Some folks are able to accept the situation and create the most out of it, while others will be constantly looking for somebody to blame. Some folks have personal appeal and a personality that makes everybody need to be around them or facilitate them.

I’m not getting to go into detail regarding the power of positive thinking, but positive thinking results in positive action, while negative thinking ends up in no action at all. generally the simplest alternative is just to make one.

A good indication regarding how somebody can react in a survival situation is how they react now. If they’re perpetually searching for help and making excuses now, an equivalent will hold true in a disaster situation. If they’re the kind of person who takes control and accepts true, they may be the folks you would like to align yourself with.

Survival means more than how well stocked you’re or how long you’ve got been prepping, survival means that understanding the situation and knowing what the most effective course of action will be. It also means thinking of your provides as tools which will facilitate your situation, not tools very important for the situation.

Whether you’re in the wilderness or in an urban setting a …

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