5 Easy, Low-Cost DIY Projects for Preppers

5 Easy, Low-Cost DIY Projects for Preppers

If you’re tired of buying survival gear and would like to work on your skills for a change by making some of it yourself, I’ve got some really easy DIY projects for you to get your feet wet. You’ll not only improve in one area where many people are lacking (i.e. survival skills), but you’ll also save a ton of money on yet another piece of equipment you already had.

Of course, you’re also going to need some tools in order to do these projects, but that’s the whole point: putting your gear to work. You need to start using it today, before SHTF, not after.  So let’s see what the projects are…

Primitive Bows and Arrows

Let’s start with something simple: a bow and some arrows. Making them is so easy that you can even get your kids involved, just like my grandpa taught me when I was a kid.

Now, if you’re going to use it for survival purposes, you need to do it right. You’ll need the right kind of wood (maple, oak and ash are all good choices), choose the right branch, and have the right …

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Prepper Skills – Blacksmith

Prepper Skills - Blacksmith

Preppers are very good at gathering the things that they need to survive. Sadly, having the correct gear is merely half the struggle. The rest lies not in what you have, however what you can do. Information is the most precious currency in the world of survival, and those who know how to make their lives easier are those who will come out of a disaster in the best safe. It doesn’t matter what you own or what’s in your kit – you need information to survive.

If you’re the kind of person who thinks about worst-case scenarios, you can’t get any worse than the total collapse of society. All of the things that are taken for granted will merely go away once the power goes off and the infrastructure to maintain it shuts down. This will mean that so many of those conveniences of life will go away, replaced by a world where people have to once again work by hand.

Learning basic industrial skills is a great way to survive, however it’s a a lot of important way to set yourself up in a post-collapse world. If you have the power to make something, you not only have the tools to support yourself, but the ability to trade those tools and talents with others who may have the items that you need. If things go badly, there’s nothing a lot of valuable in the world than having a real-world skill.

What skills will you need?

There are a lot of skills out there than any one person will learn, and it’s necessary to realize that you won’t be a master of everything. If you’re already a doctor or engineer, you’ve most likely got a ability set that will save your life – and people of others – if there’s a collapse. What’s a lot of important to learn, then, are those skills used to improve the daily lives of those in a post-collapse world. Skills like blacksmithing, masonry, or maybe trade are going …

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Survival Skills For Women

Survival Skills For Women

A general perception regarding women is that they’re weak and vulnerable and aren’t capable of handling powerful things as people think they react more easily than their male counterparts. It’s not just men who believe this whole women being weak idea however most women sell themselves short when it comes to talking regarding their strength in the face of a disaster.

Similarly, when talking regarding preppers or survival, women are kept out of the topic, probably as a result of the same belief. However, this shouldn’t be a norm that prepping or survival is only about men and women have nothing to do with it. Yes, women are vulnerable but they still are quite capable of providing for themselves and their loved ones in tough times. Women, in fact, are born preppers and survivalists as compared to men. If women might learn some particular set of skills then they can increase their chances of survival in a SHTF scenario.

These survival skills should be at the fingertips of each woman, single or with a family and spouse.

  1. Be Observant

If you’re new to prepping or survival then it’s best to begin learning through observation. Even in an SHTF situation where you’re left with a group of people needing to survive, you should learn to observe what …

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Survival Guides – Survival Gear for Survival Activity

Survival Guides - Survival Gear for Survival Activity

To survive in numerous harsh circumstances and activities, people need to bring with them necessary survival gears. Mountain climbing, scuba diving, and camping are some of the activities which will involve risks. Folks engaged in these activities ought to have a minimum of a helpful survival gear.

Survival gears are necessary to troopers and other military men. A survival gear is typically carried by marines throughout combat actions. A survival kit is one necessary transportable survival gear utilized by marines to cope up with the actions and to assist their soldier brothers in need.

Not only do the troopers need a survival gear, those who are into traveling even have to bring it with them. A survival gear is one of the necessary parts in traveling. It’s not an accessory. It’s a must have when folks are on the road and in several places they need to go to.

Accidents occur unexpectedly. A survival gear like a survival kit will facilitate deal with minor accidents. A kit will contain first-aid medicines which may be useful for those in want of medical help. It’s necessary to own a survival kit that contains the required medicines significantly when traveling in areas faraway from medical institutions.

Other materials can even be thought of survival gears. A mobile will be a survival gear. Folks need to communicate to others regarding sure mishaps occurred throughout a certain activity. A mobile phone can even facilitate folks stranded in an unknown place. Exploitation this survival gear, the person can reach other people for help.

In scuba diving, a spare tank known as pony bottle is regarded a survival gear. This might be significantly used when a scuba diver runs out of air within the scuba tank. It’s additionally used to create an ascent back to the wate

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Survival Drugs – How to Using Old Drugs for Survival

Survival Drugs - How to Using Old Drugs for SurvivalWhen it involves survival drugs, I create no claim of being an professional. I am, after all, a mere layperson with no medical training. On the other hand, I do possess a decent deal of logic thus when one thing appears a bit off, I do my own analysis and make choices based upon information and not upon supposition.

Most of what’s familiar about drug expiration dates comes from a study conducted by the Food and Drug Administration at the request of the military. With an outsized and expensive stockpile of medication, the military faced tossing out and replacing its medicine each few years. What they found from the study is ninetieth of over one hundred drugs, each prescription and over-the-counter, were absolutely good to use even fifteen years after the expiration date.

The question of whether outdated medicine are viable beyond their expiration date could be a heated topic within the prepper community. I get that as a result of there are some medications that fully shouldn’t be taken when they are old and expired. Some common examples include nitroglycerin, insulin, liquid antibiotics, and epinephrine but there are others.

What you need to know

Expiration dates were 1st mandated in the us in 1979. They’re the last day that a pharmaceutical company will guarantee 100% efficiency of a drugs. These medicines don’t, by and huge, become toxic after the expiration date. I promise you that you won’t grow a horn in the center of your forehead if you’re taking a pill the week after it expires.

In several cases, medicine in pill, powder, or capsule form are 100 percent potent for years after their expiration date. however do i know this? Federal Emergency Management Agency, and also the Department of Defense stockpiles many doses of medications utilized in emergency settings. in the past, when those medicine expired, they were discarded.

This gets to be pretty expensive, so a study was performed known as the shelf life extension program, one thing I 1st wrote regarding years ago. This program found that most medications, as long as they’re in pill or capsule type, were still effective after their expiration dates, generally for years. As such, I suggested not throwing them away but, instead, creating them a part of your survival medical storage.

This, by the way, wasn’t the case for medicines in liquid form. They lost efficiency quickly after their expiration dates, so aren’t helpful for long-term survival settings.

These findings led the government to put out extensions of expiration dates …

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Survival gear: Essential Wilderness Survival Gear

Essential Wilderness Survival GearWhen coming up with for a wild journey, it’s vital to bring essential things to assist you survive from the tough conditions in the wild. Carrying along with basic requirements for survival like article of clothing, food and potable water is critical. You aim to have an adventure in the wild but you also need to assume for your survival. To survive the times of wilderness journey and also the risks, you have got to organize for the required wilderness survival gears.

A wild survival gear like a backpack or a bag will contain the required article of clothing, food and containers also as tents and different materials for heat and shelter. Weapons and tools for cooking also are necessary. Multi-purpose tools like Swiss military knife may be used for various functions.

A backpack is probably one of the important wilderness survival gears to be brought on during camping. It’s wherever one will load his clothing, food items, weapons and other essential things. The shelter used for spending a night in the wild may be placed in a backpack. Space blanket and beddings may also be put inside it. It can be considered a survival kit for campers wherever all essential things needed for surviving a wild on a couple of days will be loaded inside it. Another bag other than a backpack also can be brought on a survival wilderness camp to store the first aid kit. First-aid kit could be a very important part that should be carried all the time in an outdoor …

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Survival gear – Five ways in which your mobile phone will save you

Survival Gear -Five ways in which your mobile phone will save youMobile communication has become therefore commonplace in our trendy lives that we frequently don’t acknowledge it for its tremendous price in an emergency. A mobile phone with a minimum of some battery juice is fully valuable in a survival situation. Here are 5 ways in which it will save your life.

  1. Call for Help

    Pretty obvious, right? However undoubtedly life-saving, provided you’ve got a sign. This can be the primary thing to do in an survival scenario. If you don’t have enough signal strength to connect for a call in an exceedingly remote space, attempt texting. It’s more probably that you’ll be able to send a text than …

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