Household Items That Can Save Your Life

Household Items That Can Save Your Life

Like any community, survival preparedness has its fair share of weird. You will have seen or read about bound things that are downright weird which may, in theory, save your life in an emergency. Now, I don’t know if that’s true or not, and I personally suppose the chances are very tiny but, nevertheless, I wanted to make an inventory that I hope you’ll enjoy. The best half is, these items are cheap — for now at least because, post-collapse, they may be impossible to get. So let’s see what they’re real fast, then I’ll leave you to add them on your survival shopping list.

  1. Condoms

If you’ve been reading about preparedness for at least some months, you probably know that a condom is strong enough to hold a whole gallon of water. Did you know that you can also use a condom to keep tinder dry and as a flotation device, and that it’s very flammable itself? In addition, it will assist you start a fire: Fill the condom with water and use it as a lens to focus the sun’s rays. OK, I couldn’t move on to the next item without mentioning a suggestion I read somewhere else that’s the craziest of all: wear them as socks to stay your feet dry. I probably won’t, as I already packed an extra pair of thick socks in my bug out bag, but who knows?

  1. Pantyhose

Would you stock up on this item? If you’re a lady, you have each reason to. Keep in mind that clothes can be hard to find post-collapse. If the transportation system stops functioning, factories from China can possibly stop delivering. Now, there’s more to pantyhose than their ability to keep you warm. Tink about these uses: as pouches to carry things; to make a DIY fishing net (you’re going to need a y-shaped branch to do it); as a belt; as a tourniquet (but only if you actually know what you’re doing!); to keep onions; to filter water or melted snow …

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Survival Guide – Survival Shotgun

Survival Guide - Survival Shotgun

We hear lots regarding the handguns and the rifles that are suggested for home defense and survival, however the shotgun is usually overlooked.

The shotgun, could in fact be the simplest and most versatile survival weapon of all. While, it’s not easy to hide and its hard to deploy in tight areas, so it’s not ideal to foil street crime or highjack. However, for home defense and urban or suburban civil disorder situations the shotgun has nice advantages over handguns and carbines. Just the sight of that huge barrel and the sound of a round being jacked into the chamber is enough to discourage most thugs.

One shot puts multiple projectiles downrange in a pattern that includes a much better probability at a first shot hit than any other firearm. A direct hit at close range can absolutely stop the criminal dead in his tracks. Many round sending dozens of projectiles downrange can stop a whole gang. Lower velocity law enforcement round ar ideal for close quarters and inside encounters since they have reduced recoil and less chance of injuring innocent folks further away. In the street you’re obtaining off about six rounds to the handgun’s one or two.

Shotguns have wonderful versatility. You’ll perforate a vehicle with buckshot or stop it with a slug or armor-piercing round. You can use breaching rounds to open doors or use …

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