Survives in a Urban Environment

Survives in a Urban Environment

Rudy Reyes, a recon marine demonstrates the skills needed to stay alive after Armageddon inside an urban environment.

Many preppers and survivalist focus on how to make it in the woods. While these are very important skills to learn, so is surviving in the city and learning how to maneuver in and out in a way you won’t get caught. It is very apparent in this video …

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Close Combat – What You Need to Learn to Save Your Life

Close Combat - What You Need to Learn to Save Your Life

There aren’t only decent people out there, and someday you too can be attacked by an armed thug who’ll kill you for a few dollars. If this situation arises, do you want to freeze and die, or do you want to learn how to protect yourself? Close combat is centered on survival in a violent situation, when people need to focus and employ their knowledge and skills to beat down an enemy.

As such, there are numerous examples of reality martial arts that are even taught in military training systems, like the Israeli Krav Maga and the Russian Systema. The thing is that every training program is very specific, and it takes into account our fight or flight instincts, but in this article we’ll tell you all the basics about how to fight and what moves you can use more successfully.

Overcoming fear in combat

When we’re in danger, we either tend to run or we confront our enemy head on, which produces numerous changes in our body, starting with the release of adrenaline. Our heart starts pumping blood even faster, our pulse accelerates and our breathing quickens. So we’re not calm and centered anymore, but we’re anxious or even frightened, which is perfectly normal.

Besides, if we get injured in a fight we may not see, hear or move as swiftly as before, and reality martial arts take all these changes into account.

The best thing to do is overcoming your fear not just by learning the proper moves, but creating a new mindset oriented towards surviving. If you’re attacked on the street by someone holding a gun, the truth is that chances aren’t in your favor, and that you’re in a life and death situation where you don’t even have time to think. That’s why you should learn how to act quickly, instinctively and proficiently.

Nevertheless, the purpose of your surviving is to get rid of your enemy even if that doesn’t mean winning. Sometimes it’s better to immobilize him and run, than return for a second round.

What are the best techniques?

There are many moves used in hand to hand fights, and it’s good to be familiar with all of them in case you may need to use them. However, we’ve made a list of the most effective and yet simple ones that actually work and that everyone can learn.

1. Eye gouge

One of the best hand to hand combat moves is the eye gouge. The purpose of this one is quite gruesome, since you should blind your adversary by crushing his eyes or by trying to scoop them out all together.

You’ve probably seen it in movies before, and it works like this: you push the eye sockets of your opponent with two of your fingers that you slide under the eyeballs. This is for crushing the eyes inside his skull.

You can also use your thumbs for this move, but this time you should target the inner corners of your enemy’s eyes. This is for when you try to push the eyes out of their occipital …

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Ten Things You Throw Away That Can Be Used For Survival

Ten Things You Throw Away That Can Be Used For Survival

How much trash do you throw away each day? As a survivalist, you need to look at all of the items that you have on hand – including what you’ll toss in the trash – and suppose how else you’ll use them.

We’re definitely not saying that you should hoard everything and throw away nothing, but there are still plenty of things that we all commonly throw away that can be immensely helpful when it comes to survival — and that may end up saving your life.

Here are 10 commonly discarded items that you can use for survival:

  1. Old towels and rags. Almost all people have old towels and rags lying around somewhere. Don’t throw those old towels and rags away; instead, wash them and set them aside for when you’ll need them in a survival scenario. You can use them to make bandages, stitch them together to make blankets, or rip them up into smaller shreds to start a fire.
  2. Gardening hose. Garden hoses are used mostly for transferring water from one place to another place. This same principle applies in a survival scenario, but to gasoline instead of water. You’ll use a gardening hose as a gas siphoner to get rid of the last ounces of gasoline from abandoned vehicles …

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Power For Your Oxygen Concentrator

Power For Your Oxygen Concentrator

Unless you really rely on medical devices, you may not understand how vital for your survival some of them are. Especially, if you don’t have any major respiration issues, or they’re largely under control, you’ll not give a lot of thought at all to oxygen concentrators.

Until you need them… That’s the moment you understand you must have read and learned a lot of about them. Including how to provide power to them in case of a serious emergency in which typical electricity may not be available for days or longer. That’s the article you need to read to get this knowledge!

How much power do concentrators take?

The amount of electricity required for each unit depends mostly on the size of the compressor and the manufacturer ratings. In most cases, the devices will run on batteries, but there’s also considerable variance on how efficient the unit is and how much oxygen it will actually produce.

As a general guide, older, home oxygen concentrator units required about as much electricity as refrigerator. Trendy devices may take as little as a low wattage microwave, while others may still require quite a bit more.

There some things to be aware of before buying a concentrator for survival needs, and here are some of them:

  • Amperage required by the device
  • Voltage output from the emergency battery pack
  • How long the concentrator will run on the battery pack at different oxygen output amounts
  • How long the batteries are expected to last and what they are made from

 How many batteries you need to buy?

When it comes to buying batteries, most people will buy one for charging and another for using any given device, but this is not always the simplest route to take, because not having enough batteries for charging and powering will spell disaster.

Buying a lot of batteries than needed can take up excess space and also create a situation where rechargeable batteries aren’t used at best loads and rotations. At the very least, …

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Living Off The Grid in Alaska

Living Off The Grid in Alaska

Every day, a family picks up and leaves their house in the suburbs of America and heads north. They’re heading to the wild, wild earth in Alaska. It’s one of the last places in the United States that has thousands of acres of land available for a reasonable price.

Living off the grid in Alaska may be a dream many of us have, however only a few are brave enough to take the huge leap of faith and do it. Living in an area that’s still just about untouched by humans is exciting, freeing and a little intimidating. Because the land is so remote, those who are buying land and building homes in the lovely forest land should be ready to be off the grid.

Off the grid means you’re on your own. You do not have access to public utilities. It’s you and nature. There aren’t any meters outside the house, no power lines running to and from and no underground cables. It’s really getting back to basics and enjoying this lovely land without ugly signs of civilization.

Before you head off to Alaska, there are some stuff you need to know to make sure you’re successful. There are lots of those who have made the leap and failed. They were miserable and ended up packing up and moving back into those suburbs so many others are trying to get out of. Don’t be one of those who couldn’t make it. Prepare yourself by following these ten tips.

Find the right land #1

This is by far the toughest part of getting off the grid. Never purchase a piece of land sight unseen. There are many parcels available that seem too good to be true because they’re. You’re getting to be completely self-reliant, which suggests you need a bit of land that will provide your basic requirements. There are many points to think about when you are looking for land to go off grid in Alaska.


Before you begin looking, decide just how far away from civilization you want to be. Some folks say the farther the better while others want to be off the beaten path, but still close enough to a town that they will make each day trip to get supplies. You also should decide the terrain. It isn’t all trees. There are some wide open spaces nestled in between the immense forests. Some folks wish to be surrounded by public lands. This is a method to make sure a mall isn’t going to be built not far away.

You also need to evaluate how much daylight you’re going to get. You’ll probably need to own a few solar panels to run things like a refrigerator or a hot water heater. If you’re going completely old school and are going to go without electricity altogether, that isn’t going to be a problem. However, you’ll likely need to have a garden ..

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Household Items That Can Save Your Life

Household Items That Can Save Your Life

Like any community, survival preparedness has its fair share of weird. You will have seen or read about bound things that are downright weird which may, in theory, save your life in an emergency. Now, I don’t know if that’s true or not, and I personally suppose the chances are very tiny but, nevertheless, I wanted to make an inventory that I hope you’ll enjoy. The best half is, these items are cheap — for now at least because, post-collapse, they may be impossible to get. So let’s see what they’re real fast, then I’ll leave you to add them on your survival shopping list.

  1. Condoms

If you’ve been reading about preparedness for at least some months, you probably know that a condom is strong enough to hold a whole gallon of water. Did you know that you can also use a condom to keep tinder dry and as a flotation device, and that it’s very flammable itself? In addition, it will assist you start a fire: Fill the condom with water and use it as a lens to focus the sun’s rays. OK, I couldn’t move on to the next item without mentioning a suggestion I read somewhere else that’s the craziest of all: wear them as socks to stay your feet dry. I probably won’t, as I already packed an extra pair of thick socks in my bug out bag, but who knows?

  1. Pantyhose

Would you stock up on this item? If you’re a lady, you have each reason to. Keep in mind that clothes can be hard to find post-collapse. If the transportation system stops functioning, factories from China can possibly stop delivering. Now, there’s more to pantyhose than their ability to keep you warm. Tink about these uses: as pouches to carry things; to make a DIY fishing net (you’re going to need a y-shaped branch to do it); as a belt; as a tourniquet (but only if you actually know what you’re doing!); to keep onions; to filter water or melted snow …

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Survival Supplies – Helping You Stay Alive

Survival Supplies - Helping You Stay Alive

Survival supplies refer to the materials that are essential to keep human life safe especially when his activity involves isolation from his normal survival tools, such activities are, typically, hiking, nature trekking, camping and even normal activities like plane travel or cruise vacation. Survival supplies don’t necessarily guarantee a one hundred percent life saving activity, however these provides will for sure facilitate in the worst of situations.

Survival provides are sometimes included in life saving survival kits. However it’s always best to take with you additional provides of life saving materials. These provides may be used in basic shelter, first aid solutions, signal or call for rescuers, water and food provision, health needs, warming needs and tools which will help survivors find their way food. Different situations may need different survival skills. In the case of ship wreck, swimming could be a vital survival skill similarly as the ability to build fire using the most unlikely resources.

Survival supplies are considerably abundant in military operations particularly during overseas operations. Survival supplies are also available in coastal rescue …

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