Survives in a Urban Environment

Survives in a Urban Environment

Rudy Reyes, a recon marine demonstrates the skills needed to stay alive after Armageddon inside an urban environment.

Many preppers and survivalist focus on how to make it in the woods. While these are very important skills to learn, so is surviving in the city and learning how to maneuver in and out in a way you won’t get caught. It is very apparent in this video …

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Close Combat – What You Need to Learn to Save Your Life

Close Combat - What You Need to Learn to Save Your Life

There aren’t only decent people out there, and someday you too can be attacked by an armed thug who’ll kill you for a few dollars. If this situation arises, do you want to freeze and die, or do you want to learn how to protect yourself? Close combat is centered on survival in a violent situation, when people need to focus and employ their knowledge and skills to beat down an enemy.

As such, there are numerous examples of reality martial arts that are even taught in military training systems, like the Israeli Krav Maga and the Russian Systema. The thing is that every training program is very specific, and it takes into account our fight or flight instincts, but in this article we’ll tell you all the basics about how to fight and what moves you can use more successfully.

Overcoming fear in combat

When we’re in danger, we either tend to run or we confront our enemy head on, which produces numerous changes in our body, starting with the release of adrenaline. Our heart starts pumping blood even faster, our pulse accelerates and our breathing quickens. So we’re not calm and centered anymore, but we’re anxious or even frightened, which is perfectly normal.

Besides, if we get injured in a fight we may not see, hear or move as swiftly as before, and reality martial arts take all these changes into account.

The best thing to do is overcoming your fear not just by learning the proper moves, but creating a new mindset oriented towards surviving. If you’re attacked on the street by someone holding a gun, the truth is that chances aren’t in your favor, and that you’re in a life and death situation where you don’t even have time to think. That’s why you should learn how to act quickly, instinctively and proficiently.

Nevertheless, the purpose of your surviving is to get rid of your enemy even if that doesn’t mean winning. Sometimes it’s better to immobilize him and run, than return for a second round.

What are the best techniques?

There are many moves used in hand to hand fights, and it’s good to be familiar with all of them in case you may need to use them. However, we’ve made a list of the most effective and yet simple ones that actually work and that everyone can learn.

1. Eye gouge

One of the best hand to hand combat moves is the eye gouge. The purpose of this one is quite gruesome, since you should blind your adversary by crushing his eyes or by trying to scoop them out all together.

You’ve probably seen it in movies before, and it works like this: you push the eye sockets of your opponent with two of your fingers that you slide under the eyeballs. This is for crushing the eyes inside his skull.

You can also use your thumbs for this move, but this time you should target the inner corners of your enemy’s eyes. This is for when you try to push the eyes out of their occipital …

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Surviving with Edible Plants

Surviving with Edible Plants

Believe it or not, the wild has a ton of sustenance to offer the human body if no immediate food is available or around. Other than the obvious, such as berries, a variety of plant life will offer enough carbohydrates, vitamins, and protein to keep the body from malnourishment if stranded or lost from civilization. The following is a detailed list ofedible wild plants that can be found throughout the majority of the United States including the southwest United States.


Cattail, also commonly known as Bullrush, is recognized by their cigar shaped head atop a stout stalk. Cattail will be found in various areas throughout the United States however are most typical near or around lakes and small swamps. Inside the cigar shaped portion of the cattail plant is a soft texture that, once flowered, can be used to make mats, baskets, and even torches if dipped in oil or fat. The shoots belonging to the cattail plant can harvested and consumed raw for a healthy amount of carbohydrates and vitamins. The roots can also be harvested to make …

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Survival Guide for Lazy People

Survival Guide for Lazy People

Are you lazy? Do you enjoy life? Chances are if you answered affirmative to each of these questions, you have got yet to seek out a survival guide in the case of an emergency or catastrophe. If so, sit back, and still relax in your product shorts and loafers as I guide you thru surviving the Apocalypse, even if you’re too lazy to try and do the dishes today.

Step 1

Buy a paracord. Similar to those cargo shorts you’re wearing, paracord has multiple functions in any survival situation. Though modern society looks down on those whose select practicality over fashion, a bear doesn’t decide what a part of you to eat first based on which colors match your shoes best. A bear will care that you just choose to use your 550 paracord to use as a spring loaded snare to hold him upside down in a tree or that instead you used the inside layer of you paracord to fashion a bow to shoot arrows at him. No, bears don’t answer fashion …

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Make Your Dog Part of Your Survival Plan

Make Your Dogs Part of Your Survival Plan

America is a land of pets. Several people have pets in our home and in many homes the pets are treated as good as the kids are. There are pet spas where Jack can get a new doo and even pet morticians who can help beware of Jack’s final resting place.

I really don’t know when man first started domesticating the dog, but it’s to go pretty way back. Dogs are a part of helping mankind in the struggle for survival since long before we had our modern conveniences creating our lives comfortable. Dogs are used in work and in searching, to increase their owner’s ability. They’ve also been protectors, guarding over youngsters, sheep and whole families.

If you’ve got dogs, then you need to make them part of your survival plan. Huge dogs are a lot of helpful for this, but even smaller dogs can be very useful in watching over your home and family.

Dogs as Guards

It is usually accepted amongst the prepper community that in the case of any major disaster, we can expect to own marauding bands of looters looking for food and whatever else they can find. This shouldn’t surprise us, because the looters come out for pretty much any disaster, to see however they can take advantage of it. The massive difference in a major disaster, will be that they’ll be looking for food and different necessities, more than looking for massive screen televisions to steal.

For this reason, a number of different books have suggested keeping guards on watch at your home or survival retreat. There’s just one downside with that; guards who agency ar watching for marauders aren’t doing much to assist your family survive …

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How Dangerous may be Sleep Deprivation in a Survival Situation

How Dangerous may be Sleep Deprivation in a Survival Situation

Sleep deprivation merely put could be a condition where you do not receive enough sleep. Several of you’ll naturally believe you never get enough sleep, but sleep deprivation in the extreme can mean the difference between surviving and not in some situations. Poor sleeping habits aren’t an equivalent as being totally deprived of sleep however.

Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation

  • Hallucinations,
  • Confusion
  • Loss of memory
  • Hand tremors
  • Headaches
  • Increases in blood pressure
  • Elevated stress hormone levels
  • Extreme irritability

The complete absence of sleep over an extended period is not possible for humans. People can fall asleep while driving, working with dangerous machinery and at other times where attentiveness is paramount to your survival.

Your body can merely cause you to fall asleep unless there’s a medical condition that stops you from sleeping. You may basically “pass out” once you have been deprived of sleep for an extended period.

Lack of sleep can affect the brain and cognitive functions making it impossible to make rational choices if you’ll make any at all.

Depriving a person of sleep has been used as an interrogation method and is considered torture by many. Typically, a person is kept awake for days by enjoying loud music, with random and constant interruptions, harsh lighting and forcing a person to face, sit or kneel in positions not conducive …

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Survival Guides – Three Ways to Survive Outside in Winter

Survival Guides - Three Ways to Survive Outside in Winter

Survive in the wilderness in the bitter cold isn’t for the faint of heart. Record low temperatures may create the need for emergency shelters, particularly if you find yourself outdoors and fear exposure.

Your high priorities in a cold environment

Your primary issues in such an unforgiving surroundings is shelter and water. You want to make sure you can maintain your body heat. One tiny mistake such as accidently losing a glove or eye protection can cause detrimental problems like hypothermia, frostbite and even snow blindness. In addition, the wear layers you wear outdoors may create all the difference in the world. Correct layers insulate and prevent heat loss, and in an emergency situation, you may need to improvise and find what’s around you to keep up a proper body temperature. As an example, dry leaves could be used as an emergency layer of insulation if you’re concerned with hypothermia.

A trick that many outside enthusiasts use to warming their outside emergency shelters, is having a heat barrier to trap heat in the shelter. An example of this kind of barrier is Mylar blankets. If you position your Mylar sheeting to reflect the heat of your fire toward your tent, you can increase the warmth considerably. Mylar blankets is one item that can create all the difference in the world! This lightweight prepper item is one of the most multipurpose items you can take with you and a must have for your outdoor gear! Ever wonder regarding all the ways you’ll use Mylar?

Water is another high priority. Dehydration may be a major risk when outdoors. Cold weather studies at the University of latest Hampshire show increased risk for dehydration, a condition many associate with hot weather emergencies. “People just don’t feel as thirsty when the weather is cold,”

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