This popular drink destroys your thyroid

This popular drink destroys your thyroid

Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, mainstream nutritional guidelines have instructed Americans to eat soy and drink soy milk. BUT soy milk is not a healthy choice. By drinking soy milk you are not doing yourself a favor, you are destroying your health. Please, take a look at these reasons why you should avoid soy milk.


  1. Soybeans contain large quantities of natural toxins or “antinutrients”. Drinking just two glasses of soy milk daily can significantly alter a woman’s menstrual cycle.
  2. Soy has been found to increase the body’s need for vitamin B12 and vitamin D.
  3. Soybeans also contain haemagglutinin, a clot-promoting substance that causes your red blood cells to clump.
  4. 99% of soy is genetically modified. It contains  one of  the highest contamination by pesticides of any of our foods.
  5. Soybeans and soy products contain high levels of phytic acid, which inhibits assimilation of calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, and zinc.
  6. Soy foods contain high levels of toxic aluminum,which negatively effects the nervous system the kidneys and has been linked to the onset of Alzheimer’s.
  7. Soy contains a compound resembling vitamin B12 that cannot be processed by your body. Thus, soy foods can  contribute to B12 deficiency.
  8. Fragile soy proteins are exposed to high temperatures during processing in order …

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Fifteen foods to prevent hair loss

Fifteen foods to prevent hair lossEncountering male pattern baldness can be traumatic. We get used to having a certain measure of hair, and when it starts to think or drop out it can wreak devastation with our fearlessness and sense of self. That is the reason you see such a large number of men (and ladies, on the grounds that ladies lose hair as well) going to compelling measures to conceal male pattern baldness.

Individuals who are losing their hair are willing to spend a considerable measure of cash to either moderate the male pattern baldness or inspire hair to develop back. It’s a tremendous industry – yet imagine a scenario where it averting male pattern baldness didn’t need to cost you an excessively high price.

Facts and figures about hair loss

 Before we discuss the superfoods that can help to prevent hair loss, let’s look at some statistics about hair loss:

  • 40% of all men have noticeable hair loss by the age of 40, and 80% have noticeable hair loss by the age of 85.
  • By the time they reach the age of 50, approximately 50% of all women will have experienced some degree of hair loss.
  • In total, 35 million men in the United States have experienced hair loss, as well as 21 million women.
  • 25% of men who experience male pattern baldness will start to see its effects before the age of 21.
  • Worldwide, surgical hair restoration is a $1.87 billion industry.
  • 37% of patients who have surgery require a second procedure to get the desired result.
  • The most common prescription drug for hair loss is minoxidil (Rogaine.)
  • Hair loss can go hand in hand with depression.
  • 60% of people who experienced hair loss said they would rather have their hair back than have money or friends.

As should be obvious, male pattern baldness is a genuine issue that influences a gigantic rate of the populace. Hair rebuilding surgery is extravagant and not secured by most protection arrangements, and consequently the voracity for normal cures is tremendous. So quickly, how about we investigate a percentage of the best.

Foods to prevent hair loss

Hair is composed of protein, so eating a diet with healthy sources of protein is a must. Eggs contain biotin and other B vitamins that help to prevent hair loss. It is best to eat both the white and the yolk. Eggs are also an excellent natural conditioner and can be used topically to strengthen your hair.

Sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds contain Omega-6, which serves to keep your hair solid and sound. They additionally contain a large group of other hair-reinforcing vitamins like Vitamin E, selenium and zinc.

Salmon is a fatty, cold-water fish that is high in beneficial Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Omega-3 helps to maintain a healthy hair shaft, and can also help to keep the scalp lubricated – thus preventing dry hair.

Oats are a true superfood. Indeed, they contain a few supplements that assistance to counteract male pattern baldness, including zinc, copper, potassium, phosphorus, and B vitamins, and additionally a powerful measurements of hair-building protein. Eating a dish of cereal to begin your day is an extraordinary approach to get oats into your eating routine. On the other hand, add cooked oats to a plate of mixed greens or substitute oat flour for wheat flour in preparing…

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Seven natural approaches to clean your arteries

Seven natural approaches to clean your arteries - Survival GuideWe all need to measure a protracted life, however did you recognize feeding these easy foods has been established scientifically to forestall and in some cases reverse the #1 explanation for death within the fashionable world?

Statistically, induration of the arteries (the progressive preventive of the arteries) is that the #1 killer on the earth. A posh method, involving pathology, infection, dietary incompatibilities, and lots of best-known and unknown factors, it’s – despite standard medical opinion – entirely preventable, and in some cases reversible.

Here is that the peer-reviewed, printed analysis proving the fact:

  1. B Vitamins

Yes, one thing as easy as adding a supply of B-complex to your programme will forestall the juggernaut of cardiopathy from taking your life untimely. A doubled-blind, randomised study, printed in 2005, within the journal induration of the arteries found that a straightforward intervention exploitation 2.5 mg folic acid, 25 mg vitamin B, and 0.5mg vitamin B12 for one year, resulted in vital reductions in blood vessel thickness (as measured by tissue layer media thickeness). Even niacin or folic acid alone has been show to possess this result in patients. [Note: Forever choose natural sources of the B-group vitamins, together with probiotic supplementation (which turn out the whole complement for you), or an entire food extract, versus artificial or semi-synthetic vitamins that, sadly, predominate on the market today].

  1. Garlic

As we’ve got documented extensively antecedently, garlic will save your life. Garlic has been found to regress plaque buildup within the arteries, among several alternative probably life-saving health advantages

  1. Pomegranate

This super healing fruit has been found to regress plaque buildup within the arteries, additionally as being incontestable to supply , together with exchange the operate of the class ovary!

  1. Fermented Cabbage

Kimchi, a Korean formula, which incorporates fermented cabbage, hot pepper, and varied alternative ingredients, together with hard fish, seems to stall the coronary-artery disease method within the animal model. To boot, strains of excellent microorganism in kimchi are found capable of degrading toxic chemicals which will extra bodily hurt.

  1. L-Arginine

This organic compound is capable of preventing blood vessel thickening – up to pure …

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