Best Portable Toilet

Best Portable Toilet

Have you or someone you know ever refused a camping trip because there wasn’t an appropriate toilet facility where you were planning to go? Some people take their toilet habits and comfort pretty seriously, but that issue can easily be solved by choosing the best portable toilet you can find.

Why do you need a portable toilet?

There are many reasons why campers think about buying camping toilets, and for some people this is the best option if:

1. You don’t want to use a whole in the ground

That would be very simple and cheap, but some people just can’t do it even if it’s the most eco-friendly option: with the use of a little shovel, you’d dig a hole in the ground, do your business and cover it right up.

2. You have enough space

Ask yourself if carrying a portable toilet suits your transport means. It’s one thing to go camping in an RV and a whole other thing to go backpacking. If you’re using a car to reach your destination, then adding a portable toilet to your luggage isn’t very difficult.

3. You’re in the wilderness for long

Being in the outdoors for days or even weeks at a time means that at some point it’s probably going to rain. Using a shovel to dig a hole when the weather is bad while being tucked in your raincoat doesn’t sound pretty appealing.

4. You can carry it to a dump point

If you’re not squeamish and can provide a proper, sanitary accommodation for your portable toilet when it’s full, then it could be a good option for you.

5. You can’t use a camp toilet

While most camping spots provide toilets, they might be pretty far from your tent or you may even find that they’re not in the best condition for use. Besides, some bush camps don’t have toilets of their …

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What to Know Before Living off The Grid

What to Know Before Living off The Grid

People living in the wilderness have considered a change of pace, leaving the routine behind and choosing to live in peace out of many troubles way. If you have been considering living off the grid and perhaps trying to live like the ancestors, what do you have to know about wilderness living, like having an organic garden, raising sheep and chicken and diving into this completely new primitive world?

In general, wildness living is about survival, which falls into two categories — staying alive and using the wilderness as a way of life. The main stress is learning how to live independently, using the resources around you in order to stay alive yet fulfilled and well nourished.

Wilderness living is living in a primitive fashion, without things, including axes and guns, as much as possible. However that of course may be impossible by now because most tools we use are manufactured. In order to remain alive and live in a semi or primitive fashion, whether it’s a conscious effort, as in a hobby, you should learn of the fundamentals regarding what to know to start this type of life, whether on a temporary or a permanent basis. So, we’re here to present you the techniques and processes to live off the grid.


Before anything, you should determine the action to take, something appropriate for the environment, taking consideration the climate, the resources and so on in the place you think about to become your next home. Therefore, you will also need survival skills based on the conditions in the place where you want to live.

Remember, there’s a significant difference between living in the woods of the mainland, living in the subzero Alaska and living in the Sahara Desert. In this case, you should know how incredibly different the locations are so that you’ll prepare with the survival skills you need to adapt and live in your …

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Signal for Help in the Wilderness

Signal for Help in the Wilderness

Always plan and pack ahead of time for methods to signal for help when you are headed into the wilderness. Something can happen! always have fun however always be safe and prepared for anything!

Here are some things to think about, for signaling purposes, when packing your pack. These things may find yourself actually saving your life!

  • A lighter or a ferro rod with a good supply of tinder. Finding dry tinder outdoors isn’t always simple. Think about putting the lighter and cotton balls in separate, sealed plastic bags so they will stay dry. A good supply of tinder that you can bring from home are cotton balls.
  • Some bright colored material like a t-shirt, bandanna, or tarp. OR all three why not, right? Bright orange material may be a great example. Orange brings great distinction with your outdoor surroundings, which we will talk about in a minute.
  • A tiny mirror. A makeup compact mirror or a car side mirror ar great signalers.
  • Paracord. You’ll not find a use for it for signaling purposes but then again, you may. Paracord is just an item to always have with you.
  • A whistle.
  • And of course a great survival knife.

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Survival Guides – Three Ways to Survive Outside in Winter

Survival Guides - Three Ways to Survive Outside in Winter

Survive in the wilderness in the bitter cold isn’t for the faint of heart. Record low temperatures may create the need for emergency shelters, particularly if you find yourself outdoors and fear exposure.

Your high priorities in a cold environment

Your primary issues in such an unforgiving surroundings is shelter and water. You want to make sure you can maintain your body heat. One tiny mistake such as accidently losing a glove or eye protection can cause detrimental problems like hypothermia, frostbite and even snow blindness. In addition, the wear layers you wear outdoors may create all the difference in the world. Correct layers insulate and prevent heat loss, and in an emergency situation, you may need to improvise and find what’s around you to keep up a proper body temperature. As an example, dry leaves could be used as an emergency layer of insulation if you’re concerned with hypothermia.

A trick that many outside enthusiasts use to warming their outside emergency shelters, is having a heat barrier to trap heat in the shelter. An example of this kind of barrier is Mylar blankets. If you position your Mylar sheeting to reflect the heat of your fire toward your tent, you can increase the warmth considerably. Mylar blankets is one item that can create all the difference in the world! This lightweight prepper item is one of the most multipurpose items you can take with you and a must have for your outdoor gear! Ever wonder regarding all the ways you’ll use Mylar?

Water is another high priority. Dehydration may be a major risk when outdoors. Cold weather studies at the University of latest Hampshire show increased risk for dehydration, a condition many associate with hot weather emergencies. “People just don’t feel as thirsty when the weather is cold,”

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Survival Guides – Surviving an Economic Collapse

Survival Guides - Surviving an Economic Collapse

In the case of an economic collapse your life will be turned upside down. The paper that your cash is printed on will be simply that, paper. If you’ve got done a decent job prepping, most of your possessions are a lot of valuable that any printed cash, and even gold.

Drinkable water, food and supplies you’ve got prepped would become the new gold. But having these provides is one issue, keeping these provides is an entirely different problem. Preparing and protecting the items you’ve got stockpiled are crucial to your survival, no matter what scenario you find yourself in.

There ar some things that stay constant regardless of where you live, your cash are worthless, you may need to have an escape set up and you must have caches set up along your escape routes as an extra precaution.

It is forever better to walk away alive and empty handed than dead and empty handed, particularly if you recognize you’ve got a cache of survival provides close to by, understanding how folks can react throughout a chaotic situation, and finally learning survival skills can assist you when all else fails or your provide runs out.

What Are Your Options

  • Do you live in a rural setting?
  • Do you live in an urban setting?
  • Do you live In a suburban setting?

An Urban Crisis

Coping with an economic collapse in an urban setting would require quick action and survival skills, just because you reside in the huge town doesn’t mean you won’t be ready to utilize wilderness and military survival skills. Things you will need to trust are:

  • What will you do when somebody tries to force their manner into your home? You’ll not be ready to hide under the bed and hope they leave, thus you better have a gun, and you better be ready to use it. Generally just the sound of a shell being chambered in a shotgun can run them off, but don’t count on it.
  • What if you discover yourself in the middle of a mob of rioters? During this situation you’ll need to understand where your safest escape route is. You’ll be out searching for water or provides, and as you turn the corner “HOLY SHIT!” There are one thousand folks moving in your direction. If finding an exit purpose isn’t an choice you’ll need to keep as distant from the action as possible, a mob intent on robbery and destruction won’t pay a lot of attention to you, unless …

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Survival Guides – Hiking Boots Could Save Your Life

Survival Guides - Hiking Boots Could Save Your Life

In this day and age of hip hop and hip hop clothing several things have become trendy that just should ne’er be trendy. Hiking boots aren’t a fashion statement yet, in hip hop, they’re considered essential gear. Hiking boots are hiking boots and they are created for hiking in the wilderness. Hiking boots aren’t designed to supply you maximum speed as you’re running from the scene of the crime. They’re heavy, thick, and waterproof which means they were designed to protect you from the weather and permit you proper traction whereas climbing rocks and cruising along the trails within the great outdoors. They weren’t designed to climb fences and duck down alleys.

Hiking boots ar durable boots worn whereas hiking through the forests and wilderness of the good outdoors. They’re waterproof so that your feet don’t get wet while you’re jumping through streams or attempting to cross a lake to get faraway from a bear. They’re durable so they can protect you from the rocks and branches that you will inevitably come across while you’re out there hiking. Thus hiking boots are designed for the rugged exploration of the great outdoors and not the exploration of the driver’s side of an escalade. Wearing hiking boots within the city is like wearing a clown costume to jail, it makes no sense at all and it’s bound to get you in huge trouble when

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Survival Tips – Best five uses for Duct Tape in Survival Situations

Survival Tips - Best five uses for Duct Tape in Survival Situations

Anyone who understands the worth of multi-purpose items realizes how necessary duct tape is. In fact, the majority would be hard pressed to come up with another item which will function several purposes as duct tape does.

Much more difficult than providing a comprehensive list of duct tape usages is narrowing that list down to the five best uses for this unbelievable tool in a crisis scenario. Everyone’s prime five list would be different, depending on a variety of things together with the weather, the type of clothing you’ve got in your bug-out bag and the specific tools to that you have access.

For this specific prime five list, I’m attending to stick with the duct tape uses that just about anyone may benefit of during an emergency scenario. It’s very possible you’ve already used some of them, and perhaps you’ve heard or considered some others. Hopefully, there’ll be at least one that you’ll find yourself saying, “I’ve ne’er considered that.”

Duct Tape Origins

There are many totally different opinions relating to how and why duct tape was created, including one that says it was formed for the purpose of sealing air ducts. Some credit Johnson & Johnson for 1st developing this versatile item during the 1940s – in response to a U.S. military request – for the purpose of waterproofing boxes of ammunition in order to keep moisture out.

Regardless, duct tape quickly became common. Since then it’s taken on totally different forms, functions and colours, and may now be found in homes and supply kits, also as among hunting, fishing and camping gear.

OK, now for my prime five duct tape uses during a crisis:

Clothing – Following a disaster that causes you to bug out, you’re likely to possess to spend a big quantity of your time in the outdoors. The weather will be a giant factor here, however regardless of the temperature, you may got to be shielded from the weather. Any variety of clothing items – footwear, gloves and even visors – can wear out quickly, but you’ll layer and kind duct tape to fashion temporary versions of one or a lot of of them.

Survival Tips - Best five uses for Duct Tape in Survival Situations duct tape pants

First Aid – Even with hiking boots or walking shoes, you’re likely to get blisters when you’re traveling on uneven terrain within the wilderness. Duct tape

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